Terms of delivery

By registering on the platform, you are considered to have concluded the following agreement. Please register after carefully reading all the terms of the contract.



This Agreement is signed by Runner Limited Liability Company (hereinafter referred to as “Carrier”) represented by NABI Limited Liability Company on the basis of a power of attorney by registering on “kobmarket.az” website and “ Kobmarket ” mobile application program (hereinafter referred to as “Platform”). is concluded between buyers and sellers (hereinafter referred to as "User") on the basis of the following conditions.

From now on, "Carrier" and "User" will be called "Parties" together.


1.1. Pursuant to this Agreement, the Carrier carries out the transportation of goods, items, the civil circulation of which is not prohibited or restricted, at the request of the User and delivers them from one User to another at predetermined addresses, and the User undertakes to pay the service fee under this Agreement.

1.2. After the carrier has delivered the goods to the designated address and handed them over to the buyer, the transportation service shall be deemed to have been carried out. If the carrier is unable to deliver the goods to the buyer due to the fault of the user, the transportation service will be considered performed.

1.3. When the User delivers his goods or belongings to the Carrier for carriage, the conditions set forth below will be automatically accepted by both the sender and the receiving party.


2.1. The User undertakes to provide all the information required for the execution of the shipment, as well as guarantees the accuracy of that information. Otherwise, the Carrier will not be liable for any problems or violations that may arise due to inaccurate or incomplete provision of information.

2.2. The user is fully responsible for the nature of the information contained in the goods to be sent, in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan (prohibited or restricted goods, propaganda of terrorism, money laundering, radical religious information, banned literature, etc.).

2.3. The user undertakes to provide the goods to be shipped independently in special packaging in accordance with their nature, duration and conditions of transportation.

2.4. The carrier shall not carry goods, the civil circulation of which is prohibited or restricted by the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic, including the following goods and items:

  1. Living and non-living animals or plants, human organs or parts;
  2. Perishable products and beverages are perishable items that are harmful to human life and health, as well as the environment, or cannot be packaged if the packaging is defective or insufficient and does not meet the required local and international standards;
  3. Firearms and their parts, explosives, pneumatic, tear gas, ammunition, cold steel, electro-shock devices and spark gaps;
  4. Local and foreign currency, gold, silver, valuables and antiques, banknotes;
  5. Drugs and psychotropic substances, medicines, radioactive, explosive, flammable, high-pressure and other dangerous, toxic or poisonous substances;
  6. Pornographic materials, propaganda of terrorism, radical religious information, banned and restricted literature, religious literature.

2.5. As part of the carriage procedures, the Carrier shall have the right to unpack the goods before shipment and to check that the carriage conforms to the terms of the Contract without notice in order to determine the contents of the goods.

2.6. The Carrier undertakes to deliver the goods received from the Users within 24 hours.

2.7. Any comments, claims or complaints related to the transportation must be sent by Users in writing to "[email protected]" within 7 calendar days from the date of delivery of the goods, otherwise they will not be considered and will be considered invalid.

2.8. The carrier has the right to use other persons to perform the work (services) necessary for the implementation of transportation services.

2.9. No employee or other person of the Carrier may change the terms of the current contract or undertake on behalf of the Carrier without a power of attorney issued by the Carrier in accordance with the law.


3.1. If the users refuse to disclose the details of the goods to be transported, the Carrier will not be liable for any violation of the law (law), damage and loss.

3.2. The Carrier shall not be liable for any circumstances beyond the control of the Carrier or for damages after carriage:

  1. Termination of another contract and its consequences;
  2. Uselessness of the package for reasons beyond the control of the carrier and, consequently, loss of income, market interest, etc .;
  3. For cases beyond the control of the Carrier, for any actions by persons not belonging to the Carrier, for example: sender - recipient - interested party - customer - government officials;
  4. Damage caused by the deletion of photos or data by electric or magnetic currents or problems caused by other irresistible external influences through no fault of the Carrier.

3.3. The Carrier is not responsible for non-delivery of the goods due to problems that may arise due to the fault of the User (if the other party refuses to accept the goods, it is impossible to contact the other party or specify the address, etc.).

3.4. The Carrier (except in cases of force majeure) shall be liable for damage caused to the Customer as a result of intentional or negligent failure to provide sufficient quality service. The carrier shall be liable for the complete destruction or damage of the transported goods only through the value of the transported goods due to his fault.


4.1 This Agreement shall be deemed concluded between the User and the Carrier from the moment the User registers in the Cobarket and shall remain in force until the User terminates his membership in the Platform.


5.1 The amount of the service fee shall be calculated according to the weight of the transported goods and the distance to be delivered.

5.2 The service fee will be calculated according to the following table:




Distance (km)

Packages less than 5 kg

Medium packages 5-10 kg

Big packages 10-15 kg























Packages less than 5 kg

Medium packages 5-10 kg

Big packages 10-15 kg

Regions (except Nakhchivan)

15 AZN

20 AZN

25 AZN

Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic

20 AZN

25 AZN

30 AZN



Note: Prices for delivery of packages to foreign countries or larger volumes vary depending on the type of delivery and region and will be calculated individually.

5.3 Delivery to the regions is carried out within 3-5 working days. The service fee will be calculated from the moment the goods are received from the sender and delivered to the buyer.

5.4 Payment for the service will be made in Azerbaijani manats.


6.1 Neither Party shall be liable for non-performance of its obligations under the Agreement as a result of force majeure (natural disasters, military operations, economic crisis, devaluation, changes in legislation, etc.) caused by force majeure. that these circumstances have had a direct impact on the performance of obligations under the Agreement.

6.2 During the period of force majeure, the fulfillment of obligations under the Agreement is postponed.

6.3 A Party that is unable to fulfill its obligations under the Agreement shall notify the other Party in writing no later than 5 (five) days after the occurrence of the circumstances preventing the fulfillment of its obligations under the Agreement, together with the evidence on which they are based.


7.1 All disputes arising out of this Agreement shall be settled by mutual agreement / negotiation.

7.2 If it is not possible to reach a mutual agreement between the Parties in the settlement of disputes, such disputes shall be settled in court on the basis of the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Carrier information:

Runner Limited Liability Company

Address : AZ1126, Baku city, Khatai district, Gandja avenue house 20A, apartment 120

Email: [email protected]

Mob .: +994 12 525 0808

TIN: 2005145201

Director: Badalov Orkhan Afgan oglu